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Fragrance Usage Guides

Customers ask us frequently about fragrance usage levels. Each fragrance we sell is formulated to hold up well in Cold Process soap and has undergone a great deal of testing for this more rigorous soapmaking/manufacturing process. Fragrances sold by Soapalooza can be used for many other crafting purposes however, including melt & pour soap, lotion, scrubs, potpourri, incense, and both soy and paraffin candle waxes. Our testing processes focus on Cold Process soapmaking, because this is the most difficult process for fragrance oils to hold up in.

Below are some general usage guidelines for our fragrances. Each individual fragrance we sell has unique guidelines on its description page also. Be sure to read the fragrance specifications on each of the fragrance pages when shopping. This information provides flash point information, whether the fragrance can be used in gel candle, and whether the fragrance is non discoloring in cold process and melt & pour soap formulations. ALL our fragrances are skin safe, so you can safely use them in lotions and other bath and body product formulations. We do not sell any fragrances unless they are skin safe.

General Usage Guidelines for Fragrance Oils:

  • Cold Process Soap: .5 oz to .8 oz per lb of base oils (3 - 5%). Remember to weigh ingredients, do not use kitchen volume measurements. Smaller batches will use the upper usage range, as the small batch can not compensate as well against the lye. Larger batches often can use the lower ranges of usage guidelines, as the mass of the batch allows more fragrance to survive. Each fragrance may vary slightly as to this upper and lower range due to personal preferences of intensity. Fragrance oils are an additive, they are not calculated in your SAP values for determining the required amount of lye to use with your 'base oils' (coconut, olive, palm, etc). Hot Process & Re-batch Soap: .2 - .3 oz (1 - 2%) per lb of soap.
  • Melt & Pour Bases: 1/4 - 1/2 tsp per lb of soap base. Use less with strong fragrance, you can always add a few drops more if it is not strong enough. If using percentages, use the same measure as Hot Process or Re-batch above.
  • Lotions & Body Wash bases: General rule of thumb is that pre-made bases can handle up to 1 to 1.25 oz (by weight) per gallon of pre-made base. This is based on fragrance at no more than 1% of the formula (128 oz = 1 gallon, so 1 - 1.25 oz is less than 1%). You should also check with the base manufacturer/distributor to find out for sure. It is a good idea to test the fragrance in a small amount of base first before adding to the entire gallon, as some fragrances thin bases, others cause thickening. This lets you prepare for surprises without loss of your supplies.
  • Candles: Most waxes (soy, paraffin, parasoy) can usually accept 6% fragrance load per lb of wax. That equates to 1 oz per lb of wax. Some specialty waxes can accept up to 9% (1 1/2 oz per lb of wax), but you will need to test this with each fragrance, as this is not always a guarantee for every fragrance. Test for changes to burn pool, wick smoking, and any fragrance 'weeping' before selling candles that are maximum loaded with fragrance. Make sure to test each fragrance you use in your wax system.
  • Toiletries items (Salts, Bath Bombs, etc): Generally 1/8 oz - 1/4 oz per lb of product base (salts, scrubs, bath bomb mixture). If using percentages, calculate .5 to no more than 1% if using percentages. 1% of 16 oz = 4.5 grams.