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Get a $20 Biz Insurance Rebate

Soapalooza is very excited to announce the reinstatement of the Business Insurance Rebate Program that we offered previously, effective Jan 2, 2018. Please read the press release below with details:

Who is eligible? This Rebate Program is for anyone initially joining or renewing their Business & Product Liability Insurance through any of the three following trade associations;  the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild, the Indie Business Network, or the Handmade Artisans Insurance. Only one rebate per person or business, regardless of association insurance is acquired through. Simply forward us a copy of your insurance certificate to

What is the Rebate? Soapalooza will issue a Gift Certificate for $20 to you upon receipt of your current insurance policy (starting for those renewing or initially purchasing on or after Jan 2, 2018). The Gift Certificate is valid for any purchase at

Why are we doing this? If you are selling soap, candles, or cosmetics and toiletries than you need Business & Product Liability Insurance. By supporting our industry trade associations you help ensure a force of membership that allows these organizations to make this lower cost insurance option available to us.

What does it cost to join the HSCG or the IBN? The Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild and the Independent Business Network have their membership plans posted on their websites. Membership is required in order to also purchase their Business & Product Liability Insurance Policy. The Handmade Artisans Insurance does not require membership to also purchase their Business & Product Liability Insurance Policy. There is a membership that will suit every soapmaker or cosmetic formulator:

Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild

Indie Business Network

Handmade Artisans Insurance

Why should I join a Professional Trade Association? Joining a professional trade association in your industry helps keep you aware of regulatory issues and concerns, provides education and business assistance, creates networking opportunities, and raises the level of professionalism as well as creates an esprit de corps among association members. Joining one or both of the preeminent professional trade associations in our industry provide you with tools to help your business thrive. Additionally, you will not likely find as comprehensive or affordable Business & Product Liability Insurance at the hobby or non-hobby level.

(This Rebate Program is sponsored solely by BloomWorks Holdings, LLC / Soapalooza. Please do not request your rebate from the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild, Independent Business Network, or the Artisan Craft Guild. This Rebate Program is valid for new and renewing memberships starting Jan 2, 2018 and until further notice. Not retroactive for memberships already purchased prior to Jan 1, 2018. Rebate limited to one per person or business per year. Minimum purchase required.)