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Egyptian Dragon


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  • FP >200 PF

Egyptian Dragon is an aromatic melange of warm amber, sweet frankincense and myrrh complimented with a light touch of patchouli. A vanilla note harmonizes this fragrant accord with a long lasting drydown of a dark animalistic musk. Egyptian Dragon is exotic, intriguing, and very strong. One can actually create two separate scents with this fragrance oil just by adjusting level of usage. Usage levels of .1 - .2 oz per lb of base oils will allow this fragrance to reveal the fragile floral notes hiding deep within the resinous aromatic notes. Delicate notes of jasmine, rose, and violet come to life when Egyptian Dragon is used with a very light hand. Usage levels of .4 - .8 oz per lb of base oils accentuate the sensuous and exotic nature of this fragrance oil. Which ever usage level you opt to use Egyptian Dragon at, keep in mind that this is one of those fragrance oils that increases in intensity as your soap ages and cures, continuing to get stronger. Egyptian Dragon soaps beautifully in our CP soap formulations discoloring a lovely caramel color over time and has incredible staying power in your soap (bars are intensely fragrant 2 years after manufacture!). This fragrance version was developed by Kelly Bloom when she owned Southern Soapers.

Discoloration: Caramel
Usage Rate: .1 - .2 oz per pound of oils for Light Intensity
Usage Rate: .3 - .6 oz per pound of oils for Strong Intensity
Soap: CP, HP, M&P
Bath & Body: Yes, perfect for bath & body products
Phthalate Free: Yes
Soy: Excellent
Paraffin: Excellent
Flash Point: >200 All oils sold by weight, not by volume. Fill levels vary. Ships in PETE Bottles.