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Basic Cold Process Soapmaking


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Evening & Weekend Class times available also upon request.

Time: 2 hours (See class session times below. They are held same time each week, payment must be made on the website at least 1 day prior to class).

All supplies & materials provided by Soapalooza Soap Arts Studio

Classroom Location: Mille Fleurs, 1332 Sycamore Square, Midlothian VA 23113

Learn how to make your own natural soaps that you can let your family enjoy as a healthy alternative to store bought syndet bars (explained in more detail during this class), or to give as gifts. This beginners class shows you how to make your own natural soap. We walk you though basic lab safety for manufacturing cold process soap as well as the process of creating a soap formula (recipe), accurately measuring ingredients, preparing the caustic lye solution, and mixing ingredients to create natural soap.

Since we will be working together to make a large batch of soap batch in this class, we will pour it into individual 1 lb containers that you will take home to cure. This is a beginner class that is a combination of observation, community science lab, and individual soap making training. Class sizes are kept small so you get one on one with your instructor. Each student will help measure soap oils, colorants, scent, stirring the soap pot, and pouring soap into their mold. You will also leave with materials on safety, basic written cold process instructions, formulas for calculating lye and mold size, and starter soap formulas for basic natural soap that you can make from ingredient found in your local grocery store.

This is the perfect class for those of you that are leary or anxious about working with sodium hydroxide (lye).

Objectives of this 2 hour class are to teach you:

  • Hazards and safety issues when working with sodium hydroxide
  • proper equipment and supplies needed for cold process soapmaking
  • selecting colorant for cold process soap
  • selecting fragrance or essential oils for cold process soap
  • taking accurate measurements
  • how to manually calculate lye and also use lye calculators
  • basic mold requirments, and how to calculate volume
  • the effect of mixing temperature on cold process soapmaking
  • cutting, curing and storing your cold process soap
  • appropriate packaging for cold process soap
  • the basic chemistry of cold process soapmaking

Prerequisite: You must be 18 years old or accompanied by your parent to enroll or participate in this class. Please wear or bring a long sleeved shirt, long pants, and closed toe shoes to class. Latex or nitrile gloves and safety goggles are also required, but can be borrowed at the studio the day of class. 

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