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Cuban Coffee Bean


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  • FP >200 PF

Cuban Coffee Bean is the first non discoloring Coffee fragrance! Dark, smooth and rich, this Cuban Coffee Bean fragrance smells like the strong concentrated café cubano elixir cups popular in Miami. The complex flavors and lively aromas of Panama Boquette, Brazil Santos, & Old Havana Cubito bean grind notes make this coffee fragrance a true treasure. What tequila is to liquor, café cubano is to the world of coffee. It is not sipped or savored … it is shot! At any time of day or night at the countless little Cuban restaurants that dot Miami, people line up for “jolts” of café cubano served in thimble-sized paper cups. This fragrance was developed by Kelly Bloom when she owned Southern Soapers.

*This refined and full bodied coffee fragrance is strong, holds up incredibly well in CP soap, and does not discolor.

Discoloration: NON DISCOLORING
Usage Rate: .7 – .8 oz per pound of oils
Body: Skin safe
Soap: CP, HP, M&P
Phthalate Free: Yes
Soy: Excellent, VERY strong
Paraffin: Excellent
Flash Point: >200 All oils sold by weight, not by volume. Fill levels vary. Ships in PETE Bottles.

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