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1 Day Mini Soap Making Workshop


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1 Day Mini Soap Making Workshop

Learn both Basic and Advanced Soap Making techniques in a 1 Day Jam Packed Workshop!

Time: 1 Day - 10 AM - 4 PM (by appointment, or on the scheduled dates below)

Classroom Location: Mille Fleurs, 1332 Sycamore Square, Midlothian VA 23113

This is a 1 day hands on workshop.

Learn the Basics and Advanced elements of Natural Cold Process Soap Making in ONE DAY.

This class teaches you the basics of soap making in the morning, and advanced soap making techniques in the afternoon. You will make 3 batches of soap during this workshop, totally hands on. THIS IS NOT A BUSINESS COURSE. This is strictly a course on teaching SAFE, QUALITY SOAP. You will also go home with all three batches of soap that you make!

Objectives of this ALL DAY Workshop are to teach you: 

  • Learn how to handle Lye and Soap Making Safety
  • Learn how Cold Process soap making differs from Hot Process & Melt & Pour soap making techniques
  • Learn Cold Process soap making Basics
  • Learn Advanced Cold Process soap making techniques
  • Learn to make Milk Soap
  • Learn to make Hot Process Soap
  • Learn Swirling Techniques for Cold Process Soap
  • Learn to use Oxides, Pigments, Neons, Micas, & Dyes in soap
  • Learn the difference and safety issues between Fragrance and Essential Oils
  • Learn to use Fragrance oils in Cold Process soap making
  • Learn Soap Formulation Techniques
  • Learn how to Troubleshoot problem soap batchs
  • Learn Basic Labeling guidelines for Soap
  • Leave with Training Materials, Resources for supplies, packaging, labeling, Soap Recipes, and calculators for both Soap/Lye.

Prerequisite: You must be 18 years old or accompanied by your parent to enroll or participate in this class. Please wear or bring a long sleeved shirt, long pants, and closed toe shoes to class. This is a perfect tutorial for a beginner or someone who is interested in learning to make their own natural cold process soap and learn various techniques to make unque and creative soap. 

Add to cart below to sign up and reserve your space! All classes must be paid for by the day before class. Class size is limited to 3 students per session!

About Kelly Bloom:

Kelly Bloom is the Founder and Chief Excitement Officer of Soapalooza! Soap Arts Studio, a division of BloomWorks Holdings, LLC. Kelly is the former founder & owner of Southern Soapers and BloomWorks Soap Company. She is located in the Williamsburg, Virginia area.

Kelly has spent over 20 years in the natural soap manufacturing and personal care products industry, and is the author of several soap making publications. Her BloomWorks Soap Company manufactured, marketed, and distributed her natural soap and cosmetic products nationwide for 12 years before starting her supply and consulting divisions.

Kelly spends time mentoring and consulting to small businesses within the natural soap making and Indie personal care segments. Kelly speaks and conducts workshops at local, regional, and national conventions. She has launched awareness & development programs within the industry on Good Manufacturing Procedures; Product Labeling, Cosmetic Preservation, Product Development, & Trademark issues. Kelly has been a presenter at the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild as well as regional conventions. Kelly is a frequent guest with the Richmond Virginia This Morning, Channel 6 DIY Beauty at Home TV segment.