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Business Basics for a Soap or Bath & Body Business


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Learn the nuts & bolts on setting up a soap making or a handmade bath & body busness.

This class teaches you the basic legalities you need to know to set up a business in the USA. It also discusses insurance, types of business entities to choose from, and how to scale up from hobby maker to business maker. This class teaches you how to optimize your profit margins, how to focus your business, and how to price your products for both retail and wholesale markets. This class teaches about marketing and trademarking your company or brand, why, how, and when. This class discusses various sales venues available, and how you can decide which ones are the correct choices for you and your company.

This class provides you with a 20 item Business Checklist to keep you on target as you set up your business, or even simply refocus a business you already have.Last, this class includes a comprehensive supply and supplier list of my tried and true supply vendors over the last 15 years.

Objectives of this PDF Tutorial are to teach you:

  •     Decide your business entity type
  •     Decide what business focus you will create or concentrate on
  •     How to and the importance of marketing, branding, trademarking, and protecting your brand/company.
  •     How to optimize business profits
  •     How to price for both wholesale and retail markets
  •     Basics of wholeselling your soap
  •     Various Retail sales venues
  •     Importance of keeping accurate records
  •     About Business Insurance
  •     Discuss Supplies purchasing and synergestic manufacturing.

You will have a very good understanding on how to set up your business, or hone and refine your existing business after taking this class.

Prerequisite: None. This is a perfect tutorial for a beginner or someone who has been a hobbyist looking to take their hobby to the business level.

Content: PDF Ebook, 15 pages - This is an immediate download PDF, look for the link in the cart after you make your checkout purchase.


About Kelly Bloom:

Kelly Bloom is the Founder and Chief Excitement Officer of Soapalooza! Soap Arts Studio, a division of BloomWorks Holdings, LLC. Kelly is the former founder & owner of Southern Soapers and BloomWorks Soap Company. She is located in the Williamsburg, Virginia area.

Kelly has spent over 20 years in the natural soap manufacturing and personal care products industry, and is the author of several soap making publications. Her BloomWorks Soap Company manufactured, marketed, and distributed her natural soap and cosmetic products nationwide for 12 years before starting her supply and consulting divisions.

Kelly spends time mentoring and consulting to small businesses within the natural soap making and Indie personal care segments. Kelly speaks and conducts workshops at local, regional, and national conventions. She has launched awareness & development programs within the industry on Good Manufacturing Procedures; Product Labeling, Cosmetic Preservation, Product Development, & Trademark issues. Kelly has been a presenter at the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild as well as regional conventions. Kelly is a frequent guest with the Richmond Virginia This Morning, Channel 6 DIY Beauty at Home TV segment.