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Master Batch Soap Making Techniques


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Master Batch Soap Making Techniques - Learn to prepare your soap making formulas in bulk, and in advance! This lets you soap 'on the fly', without having to weigh & measure your soap making supplies for each individual batch. Make more consistent, uniform soap. Plan for the amount of supplies you need, and calculate just what you need to order.

This PDF lesson is 24 pages long, and includes not only step by step instructions on master batching your soap oils, but also step by step instructions on master batching your lye solutions. , Additionally, this download also has the PDF version of the Master Batch Presentation that Kelly Bloom gave to attendee's at the 2010 Handmade Soap Guild's Annual Conferece in Denver, Colorado.

If you are planning to move from small batches to larger wholesale volume, this lesson will be invaluble in helping you organize your supply purchasing, your equipment, and setting up your soapmaking system so that you can manufacture several thousand bars of soap easily each week!

This is an immediate download PDF, look for the link in the cart after you make your checkout purchase.