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Low Temp Soap Making Technique


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Low Temp Soap Making - Learn to make Cold Process soap using a unique, low temperature soap making method. Lower temperatures prevent scorching of sugars in milk (cause brown milk soap discoloraton), prevent proteins from denaturing (causes orange milk soap discoloration). Additionally, lower soap making temperatures also help retain the fragile and often volatile scent componets of many essential oils, especially citrus. Using Low Temp soap making methods conserves the amount of essential oils used in your soap making, as well as slows down the reaction and acceleration in your soap pot when working with difficult essential oils or fragrances oils (ones that speed up the saponification process).

This class will discuss the effect of temperatures for your base oils and your lye solutions and their impact on gel phase. This class will teach you how to manipulate your soap to avoid gel stage, using lower soap making temperatures. This class discusses how to use your freezer or refrigerator when working with low temperature soap making.

This PDF lesson a more ADVANCED Cold Process soap making procedure, and includes not only a Photo step by step instructions on Low Temp Soap Making, but also a Visual Guide to Gelled vs Un Gelled Soap to refer to.

This is an immediate download PDF, look for the link in the cart after you make your checkout purchase.