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Clays, Teas, Herbs & Spices as Natural Soap Colorants


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Using Clays, Teas, Herbs, & Spices as Natural Soap Colorants - Learn what to expect when using Clays, Teas, Herbs, & Spices to naturally color your cold process soap. This tutorial explains how to achieve fully saturated colors to light pastels with a wide variety of natural substances to color your cold process soap from shades of blue, green, yellows, oranges, peaches, russet, brown, tan, violets, and purples.

This PDF tutorial is in three parts, each part covering a separate category of natural colorant: Clays, Teas, Herbs & Spices. A fourth part is targeted at specific herbs & spices for creating a colorbox for your natural soap making. Each section covers in great detail how to use natural materials for high intensity colorations similar to the photograph of the soaps in the photo. The tutorial is based on how Kelly Bloom colored her natural soap shown in the photo.

This is an immediate download PDF, look for the link in the cart after you make your checkout purchase.