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Lotions & Creams Tutorial


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Handmade Lotions & Creams Class - Learn how easy and fun it is to make your very own moisturizing body lotions and creams. Choose your luxurious oils, tropical butters, and other lotion crafting cosmetic ingredients to make unique naturally made lotions and creams. Last, add your choice of scent and/or color to create a lotion that is uniquely yours. Guilt free, decadent pleasures with sinfully rich ingredients to lavish on your face, feet, or body. This is the perfect PDF instructional to learn to make lotions and creams if you have always wanted to make your own!

This PDF tutorial wil show you how to make luxurious lotions and moisturizing Body Creams. We will teach you the basics of creating Emulsions using at easily obtained emulsifiers.Use our included recipes to create your own lotion or cream creations to enjoy or give as gifts as well as instructions and resources for making body lotion based personal care products for Fun or Profit.

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