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Making Creme Rinse & Hair Conditioners


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Learn how easy and fun it is to make your very own Creme Rinses and Hair Conditioners. Design your own hair care with ingredients chosen to target your spectacular hair type. This Tutorial includes instructions on making Hair Creme Rinse, Thick Hair Conditioner, and an Ultra Moisturizing Hair Masque. The Hair Masque is my popular formula I taught in 2006, one that was used to comb out my 18 year old daughter's week old dread locks, with very little hair breakage or loss. It is an ultimate hair conditioning product that you can sell thick as a masque, or thinner as a Hair Conditioner.

This PDF Tutorial shows you how to make Creme Rinses and Hair Conditioners, and what the difference between the two are. A perfect PDF tutorial if you are unable to attend our 3 Day Bath & Body Boot Camp and would like the same instructional module that students at the boot camp learn!

This is an immediate download PDF, look for the link in the cart after you make your checkout purchase.