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Foaming Milk Bath, Body Powders, & Bath Teas


Foaming Milk Baths, Silky Body Powders, and Bath Teas for Bath, Drawer, or Dryer Sachets - Learn how easy and fun it is to make your very own foaming milk bubble bath. In addition, learn to make perfumed, silky body powder, and fabulous sachets of herbs & flowers to be used for Bath Teas, or Drawer Sachets, or even Dryer Sachets. This PDF tutorial will teach you to make these fabulous anhydrous products to expand your market table/store and profit margins.

VITAL SKILL SET FOR THIS TRAINING MODULE :  ALL three of these items (bath milk, body powder, and bath teas) require the skill set of how to get dry ingredients highly perfumed with either fragrance oil or essential oil.... This PDF teaches you how to do this and have fluffy, beautifully perfumed, non oily dry powders. These are fabulous anhydrous (non water based) products that are fun and easy to make, and they do not require preservatives!

This PDF lesson teaches how to make the foaming milk baths, silky perfumed body powders, and herbal sachets.

This is an immediate download PDF, look for the link in the cart after you make your checkout purchase.