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Need some help with your product labels? Not sure you have them set up properly? Confused with what is required and whether you have your product labels compliant with the FDA as well as the FPLA? Need an unbiased consult to ensure you are not making claims in your label? We will review your label to ensure that it has all the required elements, that your ingredient list is set up properly in accordance with the FDA, and that your Primary Display Panel and any Informational Panels for your label are set up in accordance with both the FDA as well as the FPLA. We will also provide free of charge an overview of the marketing and branding elements of your label, as well as any cautionary notes regarding label claims for your product. We will contact you immediately after purchasing a label review service and arrange for you to send us your label either by Dropbox, email, or snail mail. All workshops, consulting sessions, & studio class tuitions are non refundable, however we can always reschedule for a future date or transfer to a friend or relative.

PRICE: 1 label { $35.00 }  or  3 labels { $100.00 }