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Passionate Pomegranate


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  • FP 145 PF

Passionate Pomegranate is a sweet and tangy scentsation dripping with juicy fruit fragrance. Pomegranates are believed to be the original "Forbidden Fruit" that Eve was seduced by. Passionate Pomegranate is a sensory fusion of crimsion rouge sweet-tart fruit, with a finish of sprinked sweet sugar to create an absolutely mouth wateringly juicy Pomegranate sensation. Passionate Pomegranate is a fresh and enticing fragrance, fun and youthful! Discoloration is a med beige shade that deepens colorants such as burgundy oxide, red FD&C dyes, and actually works well to give the true crimson/wine/or burgundy shade of realistic pomegranate juice. We have blind swirls with the resulting natural swirl being a pretty med beige in the sea of crimson soap. Passionate Pomegranate soaps with some mild acceleration, yet is very workable as long as you use care to keep your temps lower and do not discount your water heavily. This fragrance version was developed by Kelly Bloom when she owned Southern Soapers.

Discoloration: Med Beige
Usage Rate: .6 - .8 oz per pound of oils
Soap: CP, HP, M&P
Bath & Body: Yes, perfect for bath & body products
Phthalate Free: Yes
Soy: Excellent
Paraffin: Excellent
Flash Point: 145 All oils sold by weight, not by volume. Fill levels vary. Ships in PETE Bottles.