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Macapuno Sorbet


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  • FP >200 PF

Macapuno Sorbet blends the richness of sweet jackfruit, lychee berries, mango chunks, young tender macapuno and crushed ice, all draped with rich cream or pineapple juice and a scoop of your favorite ice cream. This delicious concoction is popular in the Philippines as Halo Halo, (meaning 'mix-mix' in Tagalog) and can easily have any seasonally available tropical fruits mixed with the macapuno. This fragrance brings back many fond memories of spooning out tart Lychee berries, and slurping up the long soft noodles of the Macapuno, a mutant form of coconut that is just deliciously sweet and enticing! This fragrance soaps easily with CP and discolors to a light to med beige. This fragrance version was developed by Kelly Bloom when she owned Southern Soapers.

Discoloration: light to med beige
Usage Rate: .7 - .8 oz per pound of oils
Soap: CP, HP, M&P
Bath & Body: Yes, perfect for bath & body products
Phthalate Free: Yes
Soy: Not tested
Paraffin: Not tested
Flash Point: >200  All oils sold by weight, not by volume. Fill levels vary. All fragrance oils ship in PETE bottles.

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