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Creating Marketing Materials for Wholesale Selling


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Creating Marketing Materials for Wholesale Selling - Learn what marketing materials are needed to put together a sales kit that you can use to obtain wholesale accounts. This tutorial explains the key marketing collateral materials you will need to create for your business so that you can either mail out sales kits, or simply drop by Spas or Busineses that you are interested in stocking your handmade soap and/or personal care products.

This tutorial covers each item needed in your kit, as well as why it is needed. I have included copies of our own Savon & Bain Wholesale Product Sell Sheet, as well as an additional one geared strictly for a soap maker with only soap on the line items. The Sell sheets are set up so that your buyers can see your original MSRP as well as the discount that you are giving them. Basic sales terms are set on the forms, but you can add or create your own. This entire tutorial is PDF based. You will use the Sell Sheet examples to in turn develop your own sell sheet (feel free to copy ours exactly, or alter it to suit your business better) using the software that you have available for developing it. This tutorial is not dependent on PC or Mac, as it is a PDF.

This is a 10 page PDF