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Making Emulsified & Anhydrous Sugar Scrubs


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Learn to make both Emulsified & Anhydrous Sugar and/or Salt Scrubs - Learn what the difference is between an emulsified body scrub and an anhydrous body scrub. Learn to make several kinds of body scrubs using either sugar or salt. Learn adjust the texture of your scrubs so that you can market them for body, feet, face.

This tutorial covers both Emulsified Sugar/Salt scrubs, and includes step by step photo instructions on making Kelly's very popular Truly Scrumptious Sugar Scrub. This tutorial includes instructions on making several additional emulsified sugar scrubs, glows, and body polish. Additionally, you receive tutorial instructions on making your own anhydrous scrubs, polishes, and glows, to include the formula for Kelly's 2006 Sugar Scrub Class that created Oogre Oooze, an anhydrous scrub that is popular with children.

Six scrub formulas and instructions are included in this PDF tutorial.

This is an immediate download PDF, look for the link in the cart after you make your checkout purchase.