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About Us

SoapaloozaSoapalooza supplies cosmetic grade fragrance oils and soap making ingredients to soap makers, soap crafters, cosmetics formulators, and candle makers. We operate from the Williamsburg and Richmond, VA areas.

Soapalooza is owned by Kelly Bloom, former founder and creator of  Southern Soapers. Soapalooza sells Kelly's original Southern Soapers fragrance oil formulations, as well as all her new fragrance creations under the new Soapalooza brand. In addition, Soapalooza Soap Art Studio teaches soap making and cosmetic manufacturing in a studio classroom setting, as well as on a consulting basis.

BloomWorks Soap Company ProductsFRAGRANCES YOU CAN COUNT ON
Soapalooza has excellent, competitive pricing combined with fast service. For those formulators that are seeking phthalate free fragrances, Soapalooza only stocks phthalate free fragrance formulations. All Soapalooza fragrances comply with the needs of vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free manufacturing demands and requirements.

The Soapalooza collection of fragrance oils are all compatible with cold process soap making techniques.  Each highly concentrated fragrance oil formula has been heavily tested in Cold Process soap for 6 to 12 months to ensure that scent remains stable in Kelly's former soap manufacturing business. Each fragrance oil description on our website has cold processing details on acceleration and discoloration, as well as usage amounts for a variety of soap making & manufacturing processes. Our strong fragrance formulations allow soap makers the best value, and ensures that wholesale products remain fragrant and attractive to customers without periodic shelf exchange by the soapmaker. Our soap making supplies can also be used with Melt & Pour soap bases as well as lotion, shampoo, cosmetic bases or formulations, and even candle waxes.

ABOUT KKelly Bloom, Chief Excitement OfficerELLY BLOOM
Kelly Bloom is the Founder and Chief Excitement Officer of Soapalooza Soap Arts Studio, a division of BloomWorks Holdings, LLC.  Her studio is located in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Kelly has spent over 25 years in the natural soap manufacturing and personal care products industry, and is the author of several copyrighted soap making publications including Low Temperature Soap Making and Master Batch Soap Making.

Kelly's former BloomWorks Soap Company manufactured, marketed, and distributed her natural soap and cosmetic products nationwide at retail, wholesale, private label, and hotel spas for 12 years before starting her supply and consulting divisions. Kelly spends time mentoring and consulting to small businesses within the natural soap making and Indie personal care segments. Kelly also speaks and conducts workshops at local, regional, and national industry events. She has launched awareness & development programs within the industry on Good Manufacturing Procedures for Indie Businesses; Product Labeling for Soap & Cosmetics, Cosmetic Preservation, Personal Care Product Development, & Trademark Branding issues. Kelly has been a presenter for the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild as well as regional conventions. Kelly is a frequent guest with the Richmond Virginia This Morning, Channel 6 DIY Beauty at Home TV segment.

Soapalooza Boot CampsKelly currently operates the Soapalooza Soap Arts Studio, teaching various forms of natural soap making, cosmetic manufacturing, and small business deveopment. Soapalooza Soap Arts Studio also conducts Intensive Fast Track Soap Making and/or Bath & Body Boot Camps, teaching individuals and partners how to set up their own bath & body or soap making businesses in a focused manner to leverage the highest return on their investment & time. Kelly is a former Military spouse, and became an expert at having to run a lean, tight business due to 11 Military PCS moves over 18 years. She shares ALL her soap making, cosmetics, and business secrets in her Boot Camps.

Kelly is a former Military Intelligence analyst, having served a tour of duty in Seoul, Korea. She is a Napa, California native, and has lived in Virginia since 2006. Kelly holds a BS in Science Education, and an MBA in Marketing, with additional MIS expertise. Kelly worked as an Expense Reduction Analyst in the private business sector in 2011-2013 during a short hiatus from the industry. She is a former Publicity Officer for the Fort Bragg Officer’s Wives as well as School Board Member for Fort Bragg DDESS Schools. Kelly spent her teen years in Subic Bay, Philippines, and was the first and only American to be elected to the CMLI (Children's Museum & Library Inc), a Filipino non profit foundation focused on bettering the welfare & development of Filipino youth.

Kelly has four grown daughters, with one creating her own soap company in Colorado (Nederland Naturals), and one teenage son that works part time in the Soapalooza warehouse learning the business from the ground up.

Soapalooza would love to help you discover your creativity on your soapmaking journey. We hope to serve your soapmaking needs with our great products, great prices, and great service!

Kelly Bloom
Soapalooza Soap Arts Studio
Where Soapmaking is an Adventure, an Art, and a Passion!

If you are engaged in social media, you can find Soapalooza on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. We would love to be a part of your own social network. Additionally, we have switched the former Southern Soapers Yahoo forum over to the new Facebook Soapalooza Soap Arts Studio Group. This is a fantastic place to share soap experimentations, ask questions, and to learn how to make your own soap.