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What's A Cheap Thrill?

Soapalooza Cheap Thrills

What is a Cheap Thrill, and what can I do with one?

Our Cheap Thrills fragrance vials are an economical way to smell a fragrance before purchasing a larger quantity. This lets you save money and prevents you purchasing fragrance oils you find you really don’t care for. But, what can you scent with a Cheap Thrill? Each small glass perfume vial holds 1/8th of a teaspoon of fragrance oil.

A Cheap Thrill will scent:

  • A Perfume Roulette filled with jojoba oil, making a wonderful perfumed body oil to dab on pulse points.
  • A 4 oz Melt & Pour bar of soap.
  • A small wax tart for your wax melter.
  • A bath bomb (make mix, scent small portions individually.
  • An 8 oz jar of bath salts or sugar scrub.
  • A 4 – 8 oz bottle of lotion.
  • Add to a cotton ball and place in your vacuum cleaner bag.
  • A 4 – 8 oz bottle of body wash.

So, even though the Cheap Thrills were designed to just let you sniff before buying, you can still use them for many creative products. Many customers blend a few and create unique fragrance blends.

Video 1 - Testing Set up

Video 2 - Testing 36 Soapalooza Fragrance oils in CP soap


Kelly Bloom is the owner and Chief Excitement Officer at Soapalooza Soap Arts Studio, located in Williamsburg, VA. She is a former Science Education teacher, and the founder of Southern Soapers. Soapalooza sells Kelly’s formerly Southern Soapers branded fragrance oils now under the Soapalooza brand. Kelly is a 20 year veteran soapmaker and soap business owner, supplying wholesale soap for private label as well as back bar products for local boutique spas.

Good Luck, and Safe Soapmaking from Soapalooza Soap Arts Studio, where soapmaking is an Art, an Adventure, and an Addiction! Kelly, Chief Excitement Officer at Soapalooza!

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