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Crock Pot & Hot Process Soap Making


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Crock Pot Hot Process Soap Making - Learn to make Hot Process soap using a ordinary crock pot. Hot Process soap is a method of cooking your soap through the exothermic action stage until it has completed. Your finished product has had both the sodium hydroxide (lye) used up as well as much of the water evaporated out. The cooled Crock Pot HP soap that results is ready to use or sell as soon as it is molded, cooled, and sliced. HP soap is a method of natural soapmaking that avoids the long curing phase associated with Cold Process soap making. If you need or want instant gratification, than you will enjoy the Crock Pot Hot Process soap making method!

Hot Process soap making is a fun and easy way to also get your soap stock built up quickly when a sale or show has you on a tight turn around schedule.

This PDF lesson covers not only step by step instructions on Crock Pot HP soap making, but also a great soap recipe tailored especially for this method of soap making.

This is an immediate download PDF, look for the link in the cart after you make your checkout purchase.