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Learn to Make Age Defying Products, Gels & Serums


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Learn to make polymer based Age Defying Facial products, as well as popular gel and serum products -Learn how to create a carbomer pre gel using a splendid, unique cosmetic ingredient called Pre Neutralized Carbomer. I used to distribute PNC and Sepiplus 400 when I owned Southern Soapers Supply, but now you can purchase both the PNC and the Sepiplus 400 from Lotioncrafter.

This tutorial covers formulating instructions for both Pre Neutralized Carbomer and also Sepiplus 400. Additionally, it teaches you how to combined the two products to create additional products. Sepiplus 400 and PNC are both poymer based matrix's that expand when in contact with water. Both can also handle alcohol, acetone, or oil as their base for thickening. This gives formulations the ability to create Eye Gels, Oil Free Lotions, Hand Sanitizers, After Shave Gels, and much, much more.

This PDF covers the formulation for a PNC Pre Gel and several products made with a PNC Pre Gel. Additionally, this PDF teaches how to create a basic Sepiplus400 Lotion, Cream, and Body Butter.

Last, this tutorial teaches you how to combine the two polymer products to create a rendition of the St. Ives type of Apricot Kernel Scrub, as well as a beautiful layered gel and cream Body Parfait.

Six scrub formulas and instructions are included in this PDF tutorial.

This is an immediate download PDF, look for the link in the cart after you make your checkout purchase.